Category: Value of Native Species

Create a Native Wildflower/Shrubland Ecosystem in Your Yard

Most people love the idea of creating a native wildflower meadow in their yard. There’s one primary problem, however, that often defeats the process – non-native weeds and grasses. The criminals? Some registered offenders include bur clover, with those nasty, little coiled balls; Bromus,… Continue Reading “Create a Native Wildflower/Shrubland Ecosystem in Your Yard”

The Shrublander has Emerged

Huzzah, the Shrublander has emerged! Clothed in deep, manzanita-burgundy cloth, wrapped around him like the Celtic warrior he is, carrying a staff of red shank, and smoking a pipe made of ancient Chumash soapstone, the Shrublander puts up with no ye shit from the… Continue Reading “The Shrublander has Emerged”