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What’s Public Testimony Worth?

A few things have changed in politics since the days of the Roman Senate and Assemblies. Assassinations of one’s opponents are generally rare. And the chance that a great orator can move an assembled body to vote in a particular way, as Cicero could,… Continue Reading “What’s Public Testimony Worth?”

Inspired by John Muir: The Eternal Conflict Between Right and Wrong

Every day greets us with another wonderful opportunity to rejoice in and save another acre of wildness. While we can not control what others think or do, or determine the results of our actions, we can choose to live in the light and celebrate… Continue Reading “Inspired by John Muir: The Eternal Conflict Between Right and Wrong”

The Schwinn – Therapy to Calm the Mind

“Be home for dinner.” If you remember hearing your parents shouting this just before you flew out the door as a kid, there’s a fair chance that you’ll likely also remember what gave you the freedom to escape – your bike. Sometimes with a… Continue Reading “The Schwinn – Therapy to Calm the Mind”