Category: Reconnecting to Nature

Darwin, Mockingbirds, and Truth

Here’s to maintaining our curiosity of the natural world and the courage to question – a message offered by one of the four species of mockingbirds found on the Galapagos Islands. Not fully known, but it was the Galapagos mockingbirds that Darwin used to… Continue Reading “Darwin, Mockingbirds, and Truth”

Reflections about our friend, Huell Howser

There was no mistaking who he was that morning of June 13, 2005, when I turned my car into the Sweetwater River overlook off Interstate 8 in the wilds of eastern San Diego County. He had on his signature California-style, tropical shirt and sunglasses… Continue Reading “Reflections about our friend, Huell Howser”

Love on the Fireline

There are a thousand ways to show that you care for the environment¬†you share with others, the legacy you will leave to future generations, and the life that surrounds you.¬†Yet running through each caring action is the fundamental belief that we all are in… Continue Reading “Love on the Fireline”