Category: Reconnecting to Nature

Create a Native Wildflower/Shrubland Ecosystem in Your Yard

Most people love the idea of creating a native wildflower meadow in their yard. There’s one primary problem, however, that often defeats the process – non-native weeds and grasses. The criminals? Some registered offenders include bur clover, with those nasty, little coiled balls; Bromus,… Continue Reading “Create a Native Wildflower/Shrubland Ecosystem in Your Yard”

Granite Sometimes Becomes Gneiss

After spending four days in the wilderness of the Anza-Borrego Desert, we returned to a world that had turned to chaos – schools closed, roads empty, and everyone in quarantine from the Corona Virus. We should have just stayed out there. But since we’re… Continue Reading “Granite Sometimes Becomes Gneiss”

Time to Choose Time and Reject the Forces that Steal it

I personally stopped posting on social media several months ago. Then I deleted Facebook from my phone. I also opened a new email account just for friends a while back, sending everything else to a locked box. I revived our dial-up phone, the one… Continue Reading “Time to Choose Time and Reject the Forces that Steal it”