Category: Reconnecting to Nature

Who Was John Muir, Really?

By Chad Hanson, Ph.D. We have often been conditioned to think idealistically about great historical figures as icons, institutions, or superheroes, despite the historical context of their times, but that’s a mistake. They are all people, and their lives have arcs that may involve… Continue Reading “Who Was John Muir, Really?”

Two mountains. Two opportunities to heal.

The mountain that is now called Stonewall Peak in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park holds a powerful place in the lives of the Kumeyaay. When the world was balanced, a fearsome beast once lurked within a granite overhang on the mountain’s western side. Pine Mountain,… Continue Reading “Two mountains. Two opportunities to heal.”

For People, for Nature – Acknowledging the Racist Within

One of my greatest, personal challenges is to acknowledge and correct a fundamental part of who I am – a racist. It’s not like I put on a white hood and roam around fire bombing black churches. No, what I am talking about is… Continue Reading “For People, for Nature – Acknowledging the Racist Within”