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Rediscovering our true, wild selves through Nature

Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, was once asked about the future of our species. “Are we going to make it?” “Yes,” he answered, “if enough people do the inner work.” Jung’s answer is providing the guidance for the … Continue reading

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Nature – The Cause Worth Fighting For

As I have listened to the unenlightened blame dead trees for all our fires, where there are no dead trees, have suffered under the barrage of ignorance from politicians and industrialists who talk of clearing forests to protect us from … Continue reading

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The Doorway to Nature is Sitting Right Next to You

This morning, Nature was lying next to me, upside down, paws in the air, with a slight smile that only a complete abandonment of responsibility can create. As I reached over and threaded my fingers into the soft, dense fur … Continue reading

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