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Rediscovering our true, wild selves through Nature

Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, was once asked about the future of our species. “Are we going to make it?” “Yes,” he answered, “if enough people do the inner work.” Jung’s answer is providing the guidance for the … Continue reading

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The Towhee of Notre-Dame

Her thin, elongated feet and delicate toes are mechanisms of terror for the unsuspecting. Her bright, umber brown eyes are still, alert for an identifiable shape, any movement on the nearby ground. She steps forward. Cocks her head. Watching. A … Continue reading

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Getting Out of Our Heads, Into Our Hearts, Back Into Nature

The California Chaparral Institute exists to help everyone better understand and appreciate the chaparral, California‚Äôs dominant and iconic plant community. Our ongoing battles to protect nature requires activities like sending in comment letters concerning ill-conceived habitat clearance projects, attending public … Continue reading

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