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Fire Misconceptions on the Radio

Dear Ms. Madeleine Brand, Thank you for addressing the wildfire crisis in your December 14th Press Play radio show. You asked some excellent questions. In particular, when a couple of your guests advocated for prescribed fire as a way to prevent another devastating … Continue reading

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Exterior Fire Sprinklers Saved 188 Properties – Wet homes don’t burn

As renowned fire scientist Jack Cohen has said repeatedly, the wildland fire problem is a home ignition problem, not a wildfire control problem. Cohen has been trying to help fire agencies understand this since 1999. Unfortunately, they have shown little … Continue reading

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The California State Legislature Burned Us

The consequences of the last California legislative session were astounding. From all the rhetoric, one would think our legislators would have implemented policy to help us adapt to wildfire and make us safe again. Unfortunately, with the exception of one … Continue reading

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