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Overgrown shrubs?

Our letter to journalists. We respectfully request that in future articles on wildfires in California, you dispense with the word “overgrown” when describing environments dominated by native shrubs as used in your recent articles on the Detwiler Fire (e.g. overgrown … Continue reading

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An Appeal to California’s Fire Agencies

Emphasizing home flammability and the value of nature can save more homes during wildfires and help create healthier communities  Local, state, and federal fire agencies are urged to expand their approach to reduce loss of life and property to wildfires. … Continue reading

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Darwin, Mockingbirds, and Truth

Here’s to maintaining our curiosity of the natural world and the courage to question – a message offered by one of the four species of mockingbirds found on the Galapagos Islands. Not fully known, but it was the Galapagos mockingbirds … Continue reading

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