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Save Lives or Treat “Fuel?”

Such devastating losses due to the 2017 wildfires are beyond tragic. Forty-six people have died. More than 9,500 structures have burned. The community of Santa Rosa has been devastated. Rescuers in Montecito are trying to find families buried in the … Continue reading

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Something is odd about Cal Fire’s state Tree Mortality maps

We examined a place near Santa Ysabel, off Highway 78 in San Diego County that we know well. What we found was disturbing. 1. Much of the area designated as having 40 – 15 dead trees per acre is either … Continue reading

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Greedy trees are taking all our water?

The anti-forest habitat crusade continues in order to promote more logging and support the impractical US Forest Service goal of attempting to create “drought and fire resistant” forests across the nation through “active” management. Joining the “over-clogged” forest hysteria, we … Continue reading

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