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Lawsuit filed to protect ten million acres of priceless habitat from being destroyed by Cal Fire

Agency ignores the wind-driven fires that cause the greatest loss of life and property  SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Fire safety experts and environmental protection advocates filed suit today (January 28, 2020) to block a state wide plan targeting a quarter … Continue reading

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They so Hate Shrubs

The hatred of rich understory native shrubs and delicate life forms that provide habitat for remarkable biodiversity runs deep in many. To them, anything that deviates from the mythological, park-like forest or open grassland is useless, ugly, dangerous. It must … Continue reading

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Deforestation of the Planet

With Governor Newsom and Cal Fire promoting the deforestation of 20 million acres of native California habitat under the guise of fire protection… Trump’s deforestation of 50,000 acres of juniper woodlands in Utah… the call for goats and loggers to … Continue reading

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