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Nature Suppression

Our forests are not suffering primarily from fire suppression, the story one constantly hears, but rather too much human meddling, be it logging, thinning, fire, habitat clearance, the works. The map below tells the story. The actual data shown presents a picture in such… Continue Reading “Nature Suppression”

Orwellian “Restoration”

From every corner of the universe it seems one hears how we need to “thin” forests to “restore” them to some preconceived ideal. That sounds nice. How could anyone disagree with that? There’s plenty to disagree with. The forest thinning paradigm is based on… Continue Reading “Orwellian “Restoration””

Forest Fires in the Hills of Orange County?

Misinformation about California Wildfiresfrom those who should know better As non-native grasslands and low-growing California sage scrub were being consumed by fires in Orange County this week, in areas that had burned a decade before, USA Today provided a solution – we need to… Continue Reading “Forest Fires in the Hills of Orange County?”