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Where is the Outrage? Thousands of Families are Devastated by Fire, Authorities Ignore Their Cries

The drum beat about dead trees in forests many miles away from communities most at risk from wildfire in California has become so loud that it has drowned out the screams of the families who have lost so much. Why? … Continue reading

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The Wrong Focus of Fire Policy – Letter to California Governor Brown

We’ve sent an important letter today (with 12 recommendations) to Governor Brown regarding his recent Executive Order on fire. The basic problem is that the order focuses on forests, many miles away from where wildfires threaten us most. It makes … Continue reading

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Alpine View Point – Field research: impact of frequent fire on chaparral

Being inspired to discover the truth can come from many directions. Our current field research study has been stimulated by a recent claim that frequent fire had not harmed a particular patch of chaparral we are very familiar with – … Continue reading

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