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Exterior sprinklers work, too many fires in southern California, and prescribed burning advocates engage in cultural appropriation

The Los Angeles Times has been a champion in helping the public understand the truth when it comes to wildfire. But today, they made a mistake. They repeated numerous misconceptions that have held us back from crafting effective fire risk … Continue reading

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Getting angry, then inspired

We wanted to share something that is energizing us and everyone we’ve been interacting with lately. There is so much to get upset, depressed about these days. It easily becomes overwhelming. As with many of you who care about the … Continue reading

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The Shrublander has Emerged

Huzzah, the Shrublander has emerged! Clothed in deep, manzanita-burgundy cloth, wrapped around him like the Celtic warrior he is, carrying a staff of red shank, and smoking a pipe made of ancient Chumash soapstone, the Shrublander puts up with no … Continue reading

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