The Shrublander has Emerged

Huzzah, the Shrublander has emerged!

Clothed in deep, manzanita-burgundy cloth, wrapped around him like the Celtic warrior he is, carrying a staff of red shank, and smoking a pipe made of ancient Chumash soapstone, the Shrublander puts up with no ye shit from the Novacained despots who seek to bring an age of darkness to the enchanted elfin shrublands with their fire, their grinders, their poisons. HAIL TO THE SHRUBLANDER!

B grass

Shrublander: one who dwells among, recreates within, and/or relies on native shrubland ecosystems and respects their rich ecological complexity and importance.

The Shrublander is fascinated with what author Malcolm Gladwell calls the overlooked and misunderstood, and chaparral and coastal sage scrub—the local shrubland ecosystems in California—are just that. More than anything, he wants to open people’s eyes to these remarkable ecosystems, all of the flora and fauna therein, and the many ways we can all enjoy and protect them.

B logg g

The Shrublander is our hero!

A Los Padres FINAL IIIx3

Always surrounded by green.

B green

Won’t you join him?


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