They so Hate Shrubs

The hatred of rich understory native shrubs and delicate life forms that provide habitat for remarkable biodiversity runs deep in many. To them, anything that deviates from the mythological, park-like forest or open grassland is useless, ugly, dangerous. It must be removed.

The reasons run through a usual laundry list* of misconceptions:

1. Too much “brush” due to past fire suppression (demonizing habitat in favor of timber production and ranching).
2. Fires are destroying California’s forests (they aren’t).
3. Native Americans burned and thus prevented large fires (large fires have always happened).
4. Clearing habitat will protect us from devastating wildfires (it won’t).

*Additional information on all this can be found on our fire research page.

Hence, we have Cal Fire, the California Board of Forestry, and Governor Newsom proposing a program to attack 20 million acres of native habitat throughout California, with huge grinding machines, logging, and herbicides. They will likely certify their program this Wednesday (12/11/19) at the Board of Forestry meeting.

Please join us to help stop this insanity. The photos below explain it all. Nature vs. what they want.

Please sign our petition.

Nature as Nature
DSC_5180 II

What they Want

Masticated woodland II

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Deforestation of the Planet

With Governor Newsom and Cal Fire promoting the deforestation of 20 million acres of native California habitat under the guise of fire protection…

Picture LPFW grinder

Trump’s deforestation of 50,000 acres of juniper woodlands in Utah…

Utah grinders

the call for goats and loggers to clear the landscape of native plants…

DSC_0337 II

and Brazil’s president deforesting the Amazon rain forest at unprecedented levels…

Screenshot (29)

The sole question we have is…

When will it stop?

When all wildlands fall to the grinders, the burners, the loggers, and hoofed locusts?

When it is too late to speak up?

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STOP destruction of 20 million acres of habitat and protect our communities from fire

After 15 years of fighting to protect the chaparral and Nature, the moment has come.

The California Board of Forestry will be holding a hearing on December 11, to consider Cal Fire’s just released Vegetation Treatment Program’s Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) that targets 20 million acres of native California habitat for destruction.

Based on past behavior, the Board will likely certify it… but there remains a ray of hope IF we can put enough pressure on them and Governor Newsom to follow the science, not what the entrenched fire bureaucracy desires.

1. Please read and sign our petition (text copied below):

2. Send emails as suggested in the petition.

3. Please share this petition with everyone you know.


STOP destruction of 20 million acres of habitat
and protect our communities from fire

Grinding Mastigators on the LP II

The California state government has just refused to do what is necessary to protect us from the wind-driven wildfires that kill the most people and destroy the most homes.

Their solution? To double down on what they’ve always done – clear 250,000 acres of native habitat per year through grinding, burning, and herbicides in their proposed Vegetation Treatment Program (VTP). Even though the state admits that this approach will fail to protect lives and property during the most devastating wildfires, it nonetheless remains California’s priority solution to the wildfire problem.

Here is what the state admitted in response to our proposals to make communities fire safe:

“When high-wind conditions drive a large fire, such as when large embers travel long distances in advance of the fire, vegetation treatment would do little, if anything, to stop downwind advance of the fire front.”

In other words, the state is going to ignore the fires that cause the greatest loss of life and property. Instead, Cal Fire, the state fire agency, will only address 95% of the fires – the ones they can easily control under calm conditions.

This is absurd. Imagine if we designed buildings to withstand only 95th percentile earthquake movements, or what you would feel as a result of a magnitude 2.5.

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